Heart Eyes Emoji Rice Krispies


I love Love and I love Emojis!

Looking for a quick treat to bring in to the office or send with your kids to school for Valentine’s Day? Look no further than the cutest Rice Krispies treats in town!

These Heart Eyes Emoji are festive, peanut-free and take less than 30 minutes to make!

Click through the break for the how-to. ❤





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February Must-Haves: A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


I know that Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday, but I love Love and after a January lull/Christmas detox, I am all game for a little festive fun/thoughtful gift-giving.

Looking for something to gift the special lady in your life? Kitschy gifts for your bestie? Perhaps a thoughtful gift for your mom? Something above catching your eye? Just feel like shopping?  Click through the break for my picks!





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Once upon a time, Nat subscribed to Amazon Prime for a whole year by accident.

Ok, you caught me. That happened two days ago.

I wish I could say I regret it, but Amazon Prime has proven to be very handy these last two days.

Needed cardstock for a Valentine’s Day project, but it was freezing rain out. Amazon Prime. (I tipped the delivery man, I swear.)

Humidifier broke, but I was too sick to haul myself to Canadian Tire. Amazon Prime.

Had an insatiable need to try WUNDERBROW Brow Gel by WUNDER2. No ‘but’ – just a need. ASAP. Amazon Prime.

I regret nothing, but you’ll regret not clicking through the break for my review of the WUNDERBROW beauty solution!






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The Best Office Wear Under $100

Fun fact: I love to shop.

For a while, I was conflicted: do I keep splurging on classic investment pieces? Do I buy trendy, cheap threads? Do I finally, finally, give up my obsession with Forever 21? (The answer to that is ‘no’, FYI.)

And then something happened. I got engaged.

And then I started to budget for my wedding.

And then the following happened:  do I splurge on classic investment pieces? Compromise. The money-flying emoji tethered on to another Pinterest board.

I know. If I’m saving for my wedding, I technically shouldn’t be buying at all, but as a young(ish) adult navigating through my career, personal brand is everything!  (I’d also like to mention here that off-shoulder blouses are a no-go at the office. Please don’t.) Image is a huge part of my/any personal brand and I’d never forgive myself if my outfits didn’t rep my quirky, chic and smart self.

So here we are – staple-worthy pieces for any business dress code, all priced under $100 and all capable of stretching seasons with a little TLC. Click through the break for details and click each pic for links!

You’re welcome. ❤signature

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My Weekend is Booked


Hi friends!

Sharing the four fave things that have consumed my life lately.

1. Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick. $31 CAD.

Why I love it? The Introduction starts with the following list:

  1. braid hair
  2. arrange books by colour
  3. feng shui room
  4. magazine collage
  5. lie in yard with Walkman

With the exception of the Walkman (still a youngin’ with the Discman), I 100% could’ve written that list of fave things myself. Anna is fun, honest and so relatable. I feel like I’m chatting with my bestie. I finally made time to start reading this book and I am so happy I did.

2.  Fodor’s Italy by Fodor’s Travel Guide. $28 CAD.

Why I love it? I am knee deep in planning for my travels. While online itineraries, travel blogs and forums are all well and good, there’s something to be said about a comprehensive book on where to stay, what to eat, and what to do written by locals. Can a Google search tell me that Caffe Florian is one of Italy’s first cafes? Sure. But what it won’t say is: “Because of the prices and the tourist mobs, Venetians tend to avoid cafe in the Piazza San Marco. But when they want to indulge and regain control of their city, they go to Florian… with its glittering neo-Baroque decor and attractive 19th-century wall panels, it’s undisputedly the most beautiful.” I’ll take this description over the Google star rating thx.

3. 2016-2017 Ban.Do Classic Agenda, Party Dots by Ban.Do. $26 CAD (Sale $13 CAD).

Why I love it? As much as I love my Kate Spade agendas of previous years… this one has stickers. And “Get ’em, gurl” motivational quotes. And cool AF illustrations. I don’t know how I’d survive without an agenda. I scribble appointments, meetings, to-do’s and basically diarize my professional and personal life. How adult. Also, did I mention this one has stickers?

4. True Love Wedding Planner  by C.R. Gibson. $54 CAD.

Why I love it? As soon as C and I got engaged, my bestie gifted me with this handy dandy planner. Honestly, it has saved my life. I do a lot of email correspondence with vendors and the venue, but there’s something about flipping through this planner and seeing things filled out, images added, and sample invites stuffed in pockets that make me think: progress. ❤

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I’ll be home with my head in the books!


OOTD 65: Calling All Bell-ievers!



Hope everyone had a great weekend and a manageable Monday!

I spent my weekend celebrating a sister’s birthday (spoiler alert: it ended with Mac & Cheese at 2am oops), getting my butt kicked at a Strong by Zumba class and teaching my young niece and nephews how to ice skate!

I spent Monday hobbling around in heels and sore from the workouts so I changed into my fave Chanel-inspired flats from Zara.

And then I flew through my Tuesday with the help of my bell sleeves. So many feels.

I wish I could show you just how much I love the bell-sleeves trend. Actually,  I think  I just might! Prepare yourselves for tons of bell sleeve envy (probably for the next 4 OOTDs because I only have that many bell-sleeved blouses………..unless shopping………).

I’ll be sure to keep you posted! Peep through the break for a closer look at some of my outfit details, a pic of me skating and maybe a gratuitous selfie with Snapchat filters because follow me: readyorNat (duh).






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Fitness Adventures: PopSugar Fitness YouTube Workouts

It is easy to forget that there is more to YouTube than Alex Aiono/William Singe covers, The Voice blind auditions, James Corden Carpool Karaoke sessions and Jimmy Fallon/Ellen DeGeneres celeb appearances/skits.

I love PopSugar Fitness workout videos because there is a little bit of something for everyone and are perfect workouts to do at home, for days when work gets you home late, for winter days when the snow makes you cautious to drive to the gym, or even for days when you just don’t feel like leaving the house.

Plus, the host, Anna Renderer, is fun and engaging with the audience on the other side of the screen. It’s also worth noting that you can yell and scream any profanity at her and she’ll never know hehe.

I’ve tried all of these videos and have used them to fill in the gaps/days when I’m not attending my registered classes. Seriously, you will get a sweat going in no time and with limited equipment required!

Cardio and Sculpting Workout

What you need: A yoga mat, a towel, a water bottle and comfortable shoes.

Why I like it: This one really gets the heart rate up! It’s a great glimpse of the workouts that celeb trainer  Jeanette Jenkins of The Hollywood Trainer fame does with her clients!

For more of my fave PopSugar Fitness workout videos, keep reading!


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Shop: Nike Cortez

Nike Cortez.jpg

Nike Classic Cortez Leather Sneakers, $95 CAD

Sure, Stan Smiths had their moment, but rocking my Nike Cortez’ got me feeling like:


Comfortable, always on trend and, hey, white sneakers are always fun.

Also, if they’re good enough for Bruno and The Hooligans… *adds second pair to online Shopping Cart.*

Who’s with me, blogosphere?  ❤